In recent weeks, we have met with many grant partners in Zoom sessions. Our partners have explained the incredible challenges facing both their constituents in the community and their organizational staff. We at the VNA Foundation have been inspired by the tireless leadership and resourcefulness of our partners providing health and human services, and we are dedicated to strengthening these relationships built upon mutual trust and respect.

Having listened to our grant partners, the VNA Foundation of Greater North Penn has changed our grant processes and increased our giving budget significantly in order to provide the most flexible funding possible and to minimize the time our partners spend on applications and reporting. We proudly announce a new grant approach that includes:
1) Higher grant awards
2) Opportunities for both General Operating and Program support
3) Opportunities for multi-year funding
4) Short applications
5) Simple reporting requirements
6) Stand-alone, additional grant opportunities for projects serving under-resourced people of color, immigrants and refugees.

Visit the Grant Opportunities section of our site for details on our 2021 giving.

We adapted our giving in 2020 (see last year’s Annual Summary for specifics), but in 2021 we are going even further to support North Penn’s health and human service nonprofit providers through our evolving grant opportunities. We know our community’s challenges are far from over, and we are honored to work alongside our nonprofit partners as we build a healthier future for North Penn TOGETHER.