2015 Spring – Fall Grants

2015 Spring – Fall Grants

The next opportunity to apply for Spring / Fall grants will begin in late January 2016, for the 2016 Spring Grant Cycle.

Letters of Intent will be accepted between January 18, 2016 – February 19, 2016, and access to complete an LOI will be available through a new “2016 Spring/Fall Grants” page on this website after January 4, 2016.

2015 Fall Grants:

The Fall Grants application process for 2015 has been  completed, and a list of the 14 successful grantees can be found on our “News” page. Congratulations to these 14 grantees and the VNA Foundation is delighted to be working in partnership with you to support the needs of our community!

2015 Spring Grants:
See the “News” Section on this website for the complete listing of 2015 Spring Grant recipients. Congratulations to the 20 nonprofits receiving up to $20,000 each for their commitment to building a stronger and healthier North Penn Community!

Six Month Progress Report is available below and the Final Report is available online for each grantee.

Grant Applicants can register, apply for grants, and reports by clicking this link to access the online grant interface.

Apply/Report for the Spring/Fall Grant Opportunites

For those who have received grants from the VNA Foundation of Greater North Penn in the past, you will need to go to the online site and select “APPLY”  from the list of options in the left-hand column to start a NEW application. Follow-Up forms should be listed on your desktop already for successful grantees completing their reporting.

6 Month Progress Report
The 2015 Spring Grant Progress Report will be due January 8, 2016. Download and submit the Progress Report here, or the Final Report can be completed at any time prior to June 30, 2016. The Final Report form is accessed from the organization’s Desktop, as accessed above. Be sure to also complete the final budget form (below) before submitting your final report to close out the 2015 grant.

Excel document download Icon6 Month Progress Report

2015 Spring / Fall – FINAL Budget Form
Please download this FINAL 2015 Budget Form to complete and then upload to submit with your 2015 Grant Follow-Up Form after completing your 2015 Spring/Fall Grant.
Excel document download IconFinal Budget Report 2015

Board Composition Form – For Spring and Fall Grants (required)
Please download this form and complete it, listing all current Board members for this current fiscal year. Submit this with your application by uploading the completed form into your application prior to submission of your grant application.

Excel document download IconBoard Composition Form

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